Tools for successful singing: daily warm-up exercises!

These voice exercises were chosen specifically to help strengthen and develop the voice. Available in a printed book (with 180 exercises!) or in a CD (with 4 different daily programs) tailored for your own voice. Now available in an MP3 download!

Italian arias from comic chamber operas for soprano or baritone/ bass voices

This collection of arias is from intermezzi which are light hearted chamber operas. It is a wonderful way to add NEW and fun repertoire to your recital. The soprano book has a singable English version.

Songs in English

These two books include songs from the United States, Canada and Great Britain. They are simple enough for the beginning student, yet can be used for solo and ensemble, recitals or just for fun.

Italian Duets and Trios

Italian Duets from Comic Chamber Operas for soprano and bass, and Handel Duets for 2 treble voices are a must for singers who enjoy performing with others. Also available are trios by Classical composers.

Let’s Sing an Opera

Mirena and Floro: a comic chamber opera in Italian.

Little Red Riding Hood: a light hearted collection of arias and duets; a great way to introduce young children to opera!

One of a Kind

Discounted classical music that is BRAND NEW or scores that have been previously used and loved by singers and teachers. Most scores are at least 50% off. They are a one of a kind at Domenico Productions, Inc. and once they are gone here, they will not be available at this site.

Singing is like any other skill: in order to maximize your natural abilities, you should have instruction and regular practice routines. In addition, it's essential to warm your voice up before singing to make sure you develop a healthy technique.

Fortunately, Domenico Productions Inc. can help. We sell a variety of products that are designed to help singers warm up their voices so that they are singing at their best. Regardless of the type of music you choose to sing, these products will surely help.

They were organized and arranged by company founder, Kathleen van de Graaff, who has years of experience as a voice instructor and professional singer. She developed daily warm up routines that have been proven universally successful.